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Broadcast 2018-06-22,23

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Political Repression Remembrance Day observed

Oyundelger 2017-09-12 03:09

Political Repression Remembrance Day observed.

Political Repression Remembrance Day observed. September 10 each year celebrates the day to pay respect to the memory of the repressed. This year marks the 80th year since the political repression started and took thousands of lives of the people who had been condemned for false political crimes. Speaking on the occasion, Mongolian President Battulga extended sincere apologies to families and relatives of the politically repressed on behalf of the Government of Mongolia. According to the statistical documents prepared by the State Commission on Rehabilitation, within the two years between 1937 and 1939, the institute called the Special Commission with Full Rights falsely charged 25 thousand and 824 people for political crimes and the court sentenced 20 thousand of them to execution by shooting. 14 thousand of about 17 thousand accused Buddhist practitioners were executed. ‘It is the number that expresses the damage the political repression has done to Mongolian traditions, way of thinking, memory of the nation and patriotism”, the President said. 

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