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Broadcast 2018-06-22,23

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Mongolia ranks fourth in coal export

Oyundelger 2017-09-12 03:09

Mongolia ranks at fourth with its coal export.

Mongolia ranks at fourth with its coal export. Mongolia is being ranked fourth place with its coal export in the world, following Australia, Canada and the U.S. Today, 99 per cent of Mongolian coal is being exported to China. According to Sun Shouren, General Secretary of the National Coal Association of China, said “Mongolia is the third biggest country to supply coal to China, and the coal import from Mongolia began to revive this year. Past year China imported 24 million tons of coal from Mongolia. In the first six months of this year, the China's coal import from Mongolia reached 15 tons. Mongolia coal import is expected to increase this year, said Mr. Sun Shouren. Mongolia’s coal quality is high and easy to process as it is semi-soft and its ash content is low.

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