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Broadcast 2018-06-22,23

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Mongolia-Hokkaido cooperation to be promoted

Oyundelger 2017-09-12 03:09

Mongolia-Hokkaido cooperation to be promoted.

Mongolia-Hokkaido cooperation to be promoted. The second Mongolia-Hokkaido Business Forum took place in realization of the introduction. Hokkaido Prefecture is considered as the coldest area in Japan and it has similar to Mongolia climate. The province has technologies that are suitable for its natural and climatic conditions, and it can be used in Mongolia. Therefore, Mongolia-Hokkaido economic ties promotion society was established in Mongolia a year ago as the start of cooperation with Hokkaido prefecture. The society organized the present forum with over 30 participants from Japan. During the forum some Japanese companies introduced their activities and expressed the interest of cooperation field. For example, one Japanese company conducted a survey in the agriculture sector which revealed that the conditions for growing vegetables are very limited in Mongolia, however, the use of soil heat can extend the cultivation period from March until November. Also, the possibility of making direct flight to Hokkaido is being studied to increase tourism and Japanese company Waaken is studying the technology of constructing buildings resistant to Mongolian cold. 

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