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Broadcast 2018-04-25

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LIMERICK FC has announced innovative Community Partnership with Mongolian Football Federation

Purevsuren 2017-07-06 09:07

They believe the community partnership will be beneficial for both sides.

LIMERICK FC has announced an innovative Community Partnership with Mongolian Football Federation which they believe will be beneficial for both sides. After year-long discussions, Mongolian Football Federation Manager Enkhjin Batsumber arrived in Limerick, located in the west of Ireland, as the deal was formally agreed. Sixteen-year-old central defender Belgutei Batjargul, who has spent time at the academies of Arsenal and Chelsea is the first player to come to Limerick as part of a planned exchange program. However, Limerick’s community work impressed the Mongolian FF so much that the pair has now linked up. The partnership will see players, coaches and community staff travel from Mongolia to Ireland and vice-versa, with the potential for Mongolian National Team squads to come and train in Limerick. Limerick FC Chairman Pat O’Sullivan explained: “Football is the fastest-growing sport in Mongolia, and they would address a lot of issues through sport – that was their concept, which is really a lot like what we do'. On the partnership, Mongolian Football Federation Manager Enkhjin Batsumber said: “What Mr. O’Sullivan is doing in Limerick is an ideal model of what we are trying to achieve in Mongolia; basically, bringing football into the community from grassroots level all the way to the top by focusing on and developing young players. Belgutei Batjargul – known as Billy – has attended the academies of Arsenal and Chelsea as well as the Bobby Charlton Soccer & Sports Academy, and he will now spend time training in Limerick’s Academy.

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